Save money travelling to work & eating at work

How do you travel to work?

A lot of money can be saved by changing your travelling habits to and from work. If you take your car to work think about the amount of money you spend in a year on petrol, servicing, insurance, MOT, car parking and other ‘wear and tear’ essentials or even the monthly car payments. It really is an eye opener. So why do we do it? Its convenient that we can open the front door, start the car and immediately begin our journey at our own pace.

Think of the extra money you could have each month without having to pay for the expenses we noted above – so what are the alternatives? The answer depends entirely on how close you live to your place of work. You could walk, cycle or take public transport for example. If you could take the train or bus, find out how much it would cost for a yealy ticket, a large amount less than having to drive. If not a yearly ticket – try a monthly one. Apart from the health benefit of walking to and from the station, think about the time to yourself – time when you can relax, not having to worry about traffic jams or the car in front being too close.

Save while at work

How much money do you spend in a working day? Think about the numerous cups of tea or coffee from your favourite shop, the sandwiches you have bought for lunch or even going out to restaurants for a meal. Why not visit your local supermarket at the weekend, then the night before work make your own lunch to bring in. You would be suprised at how much you could save.