Home Improvement Loans

Atozloans.co.uk can help you get a loan for home improvement. With the current financial climate, we know it is hard for people to get further up on the property ladder. Why spend tens of thousands of pounds on estate agency fees trying to sell your current house, as well as solicitor fees for buying and selling on top of any stamp duty due – all for the sake of prehaps an extra bedroom or another bathroom in another location. You could borrow between £5,000 and £500,000.

Have you considered taking out a loan to renovate or improve your current house? You could easily extend your kitchen, convert your attic or basement, add a conservatory or sun room or the more common solution – convert your garage.

A home improvement loan can be used for anything at all – if you need a new roof, new windows, looking to put in a new kitchen, bathroom or carpets – even to landscape your garden, we could help you get a loan.

For a competitive loan rate, why not fill in our free, no obligation loan quote form, it only takes a few minutes.
Do not worry if you have a bad credit history, ccjs or arrears – we could still help

The loan can be used for any purpose. Our clients haved used their loan for buying new cars, debt consolidation, home improvements such as new windows, an extension or new conservatory, weddings, holiday.