Electricity Bill Savings & Tips

You can save money by carrying out small changes in and around your home. In this article we look at how you can reduce your electricity bill.

1) Start by looking at how you use you electrical appliances and lighting around your home. When its dark at night, why do you need to have a light on in the hallway, the bathroom or the kitchen when you are sitting watching television in the living room? Switch them off – only light the rooms that you are using.

2) At night, switch off all appliances that sit on standby – although these look to be switched off, if there is a red light on standby – power is being used. The same goes for your computer or wireless modem, if you are not using them, power them down.

3) Lighting – although low energy efficient bulbs are slightly more expensive than conventional light bulbs, they run on less power and last far longer meaning over time, you are buying less bulbs and saving money on your lighting bill.

Although it seems simple, you would be suprised at how much money can be saved over a period of time.