Adverse Credit Loans

If you have an adverse credit rating, it could be due to having county court judgements (ccj’s), missing loan payments, mortgage arrears or maybe from being discharged as bankrupt. Having an adverse credit rating means you are classed as having a bad credit history, most high street lenders will not be willing to take the risk by offering you a loan. Our aim is to help you get the loan you deserve.

Most homeowners with a poor credit history are in a good position to receive a loan because they can use their property as security however tenants and people living with their parents may find rates are higher than most unsecured loans.

We aim to help you get you the loan you need – please remember that you can use the loan for any purpose such as a home improvements, a home extension, a new car, a dream holiday or maybe debt consolidation.

You could borrow £1,000 to £100,000 depending on your personal circumstances. The process could not be easier, fill out the loan application form and we will contact you at a suitable time to give you a no obligation free loan quote.